1111111 Laser Services Pty Ltd.

Manufacture, Sales and Service of Lasers and Accessories

ImageLaser Services is a manufacturer & supplier of Lasers, Laser Systems & Accessories.

Our manufactured products cover Educational, Medical, Alignment, Industrial, Commercial, Mining and Entertainment applications. We also specialize in custom made laser products for a wide range of applications. As part of our manufacturing capabilities, we offer engineering and R&D input for custom made products.

Laser Services is also proud to represent major organisations covering Building & Construction products and Surveying instrumentation. Our represented products include levelling and pipe lasers & accessories, radio communications, survey equipment, laser range-finders and electronic distance measuring devices.

Laser Measuring

Our extensive facilities include a well equipped showroom for the convenience of our local customers, along with a service centre specializing in repairs of laser, optical, and surveying products.

At Laser Services Pty Ltd we work with our customers to deliver an end product that is suited specifically to their needs. For more information on any of the services we offer, such as Laser Manufacture, sales and service, please call us now on 07 5596 1421 or fill out our contact form.