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Mining Lasers -SL
Mining Lasers -SL
In response to requests from our customers, we have produced a slimmer MTL.


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The MTL1-SL uses the same laser diode and low divergent optics as the MTL1-LR, but the main body area where the batteries are held has been trimmed to just 12.2 mm diameter. There is no loss of structural strength, as the MTL1-SL uses slimmer batteries, the AAAA, or Quad-A alkaline batteries. The smaller batteries mean a slightly reduced operating time.

With the slimmer MTL1-SL, and the PVC housing, the MTL-SL-H, a hole of just 18 mm needs to be drilled, as compared to a 24 mm hole for the MTL1-LR.

As with the MTL1-LR, a storage case is included.

Not suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

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