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LD.60 / 60 Series Lasers
LD.60 / 60 Series Lasers
MCE 60 Series lasers allow tunnels to be constructed true where being driven by tunnel boring machine, drill and blast, pipe jack or conventional hand techniques. MCE 60 Series lasers are waterproof and made of rugged anodised aluminium bodies. The laser is based on diode technology and able to be powered from 6 to 12 V DC power supply.
With MCE designed adjustable gimbal, the laser is easy to install on tunnel walls and adjust to target.
Perfect for aligning conveyors, cables, rail tracks, flooring etc.

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  • Mining
  • Tunnelling
  • Industrial
  • Safety
  • Marking starting point
  • Timber industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Power borin



  • Gimbal Bracket (A.60.004)
  • AC/DC Converter (BE-003)
  • Rubber Bumpers (A.60.001)
  • Power Cord 6m (A.RS.001)
  • Power Cord 2SCK-3SCK (A.PC.7)
  • Metal Carry Case (A.60.006)
  • Dummy Battery (A.MCE.067)
  • Cap with input conn. (A.MCE.066)



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