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ProShot Alpha-c Cone Laser
ProShot Alpha-c Cone Laser

A unique laser

Tool for drainage, collection and precise curved slopes. The Pro Shot™ Alpha-c

laser level has all the durability and performance of the standard Alpha, plus a custom-made

Precision cone rotor head.  Our engineering team hand builds, tests and calibrates each Alpha-c,

assuring its performance to industry leading standards.  This unique, adjustable, cone

projecting head lets you set-up with the laser at the high point, or low point and project a conical sloping

Reference of laser light. 


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The Alpha-c can project up to a 4% sloped cone either up or down, with increments of 1/4%.  An optional version provides up to a 1.7% sloped cone reference, with even greater resolution to 1/10%.  The Alpha-c is especially helpful for sports fields where a standard plane-only laser just won’t get the job done.  Some specific applications: Baseball fields; Running track corners and their infield “D” zones; Containment areas around storage tanks. The Alpha-c can also operate as a precision laser level by installing the included level-only

  • 2000’ dia., 1000’ rad. (610m/305m) ± 10 arc sec. (±1/16" per 100') (±1.5mm per 30m) ±4%, 1/4% increments ±1.7%, 1/10% increments Servo motor self levelling
  • ±5º Normally active, can be disabled Single axis, X-axis self levelled 8% 360º 500rpm. 
  • Four C-cells 75 hrs (alkaline,) Optional Ni-Mh kit 48 hrs.
  • Visible 670nm CDRH class IIIa, IEC class 3R To international standard
  • IP56 -4º F to +140º F (-20º C to +60º C)

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