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Rokc DT-5 Digital Theodolite
Rokc DT-5 Digital Theodolite

Rokc ProductsDT-5 - precision electronic Theodolite for every construction site


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 Rokc Products  DT-5, electronic Theodolite is a precise 5-second measurement instrument, thanks to it you can easily and quickly determine the directions, angles or specify a slope. This one of the most important measurement tools on a construction site, is characterized by a fairly extensive construction, for this type of instruments. This model, among others, has two side displays that enhance working comfort. Single axis compensator allows operating in the area with unstable ground without the need to constantly monitor the accuracy of levelling..


The vibration and shock - compensator of horizontal circle lets the Theodolite work around heavy machinery causing vibrate the ground

Ease of use - using the Theodolite is extremely easy, and the measurement results are displayed on the backlit LCD instrument screen

Versatility - for measuring angles, direction, altitude, inclination, staking, transfer the azimuths to the wells

Typical applications of the Rokc Products  DT- 5: civil engineering and land surveying, angle measurements, determination, determination of slopes, tilts, and any work related to the determination of the direction and straight lines

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