RTK GPS & GIS Systems


Founded in 2003, CHC Nav  creates innovative GNSS navigation and positioning solutions to make customers’ work more efficient. CHC NAV products and solutions cover multiple industries such as geospatial, construction, agriculture and marine.

With a presence across the globe, distributors in more than 120 countries and more than 1,600 employees, CHC Nav is today recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in geomatics technologies.


Technology integration for CHCNAV means going beyond survey instruments and developing geospatial tools that will provide effective decision-making solutions to the geospatial community. CHCNAV and its affiliates are global providers of integrated solutions, from ground to airborne survey, from traditional GNSS RTK survey to mass data collection with 3D mobile mapping solution, machine control and agriculture auto-steering, all that within real time infrastructure from network RTK solution to advanced bridge monitoring systems

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