Rokc HDWT20 All Wood Tripod

Rokc HDWT20 All Wood Tripod



Rokc HDWT 20 Heavy Duty all wood tripod


The Rokc HDWT20 All Wood Tripod is a heavy duty tripod made of  a lacquered, high quality wood. This heavy duty all wood tripod is crafted using a special oiling process. This helps protect the wood from humidity and water, as well as giving it a long life span.

The Rokc heavy duty wooden tripods show excellent damping qualities. In comparison to aluminium made tripods, shocks and vibrations on the jobsite get much better absorbed with the Rokc wooden tripods. This enhances your measurement accuracy and reliability.

When it is exposed to bright sunlight, wood proves to have a much less expansion than any metal made items. This also adds to the quality and reliability of any survey work, no matter what weather conditions you have to cope with on the day.  This is especially so, when working with high-precision instruments like total stations or theodolites, using a quality Rokc HDWT20 All Wood Tripod is absolutely recommended.

The handling is as simple and convenient as it is with aluminium tripods. The legs extend without jamming which prevents the tripod from wear. Nonetheless – the clamping system works with absolute reliability.

Additional information:

Total Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 106 × 19 × 22 cm