The NEDO PRIMUS 2 HVA2 fully automatic horizontal/vertical dual slope laser with AutoAlign function and tilt monitoring. The all-rounder for professionals. Features: Fully automatic rotating laser for horizontal and vertical applications Direct grade entry for the x and y axis Tilt control: the position of the laser is continuously monitored in the tilt mode AutoAlign function: automatic alignment of the laser beam to the zero mark of the laser receiver Robust motor-powered levelling Large, clear display showing inclination, rotation speed, battery level, etc. Automatic level control stops the laser if it receives a heavy jolt. In this way, height errors are avoided. Vertical alignment aid: In vertical operation the laser can be exactly aligned with the help of a laser line High-Power laser diode, laser class 3R, for highly visible laser beam and easy work at the close range Alternatively available with laser class 2 with Bright Beam TechnologyTM Scan function and dot mode Upward plumb beam Rotor protection made of break-proof glass Highly accurate even under toughest conditions


The NEDO PRIMUS 2 HVA2  Radio remote control for a convenient handling Applications: Use of batter boards, elevation control, depth control for excavations, rough and fine grading, setting foundations, machine automation, bricklaying, laying screed, concrete forming, setting reference markers, drywall installation, landscaping, ceiling construction, facade construction the NEDO PRIMUS 2 HVA2 Auto Align  function: At the push of a button, the laser level automatically aligns with the laser receiver COMMANDER2 HVA2N. Ideal when batter boards are used.


Levelling accuracy ± 0.5 mm/10 m
Self-levelling range ± 5° motor-powered, with automatic level control
Accuracy of the slope function ± 0.015%
Setting of slopes in two axes ± 10%, direct entry
Working range Ø approx. 700 m with receiver COMMANDER2 HVA2N
Laser < 1mW, laser class 2, 635 nm. Optional 3R available
Working range radio remote control approx. 150 m
Working range AutoAlign approx. 50 m
Rotating speed 10, 60, 300 and 600 rpm
Scanning angle 0°, 5°, 10° und 15°
Protection class IP 66
Power supply Rechargeable batteries NiMH 4.8 V, 8500 mAh and Alkaline Battery Tray
Operation duration approx. 100 h – rechargeable
Connecting thread 5/8’ – plus Nedo Quick Fix adaptor
Warranty 3 years

Nedo History

1901   The company is founded by Hermann Nestle
1913 The new company building in Riedsteige is occupied
1938 Dipl.-Ing. Walter Alfred Fischer, son-in-law of the company’s founder, becomes a shareholder
1945-1947 French occupation troops require Nedo to produce timber houses
1947 Hermann Nestle dies, Walter Alfred Fischer becomes sole shareholder
1955 Start of production in Hochgerichtstraße
1959 Dipl.-Ing. Walter Hermann Fischer starts working at Nedo
1962 Dipl.-Ing. Walter Hermann Fischer is appointed managing director
1970 Building 3 is occupied
1977 Nedo launches production of wooden and aluminium tripods
1980 Building 4 is occupied
1981 Dipl.-Ing. Walter and Gisela Fischer found FIMEX AG in Switzerland. Nedo adds measuring tools to its product line
1982 A revolutionary process for manufacturing high-precision scales goes into operation
1988 The first electronic levelling rod is presented
1990 Building 6 is occupied
1991 Walter Alfred Fischer dies at the age of 85
1995 Building 5 is occupied
1996 Gisela Fischer is appointed as an additional managing director
1997 Dipl.-Wirtsch.Ing. Frank Fischer starts working at Nedo. Certification of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001
1999 Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fischer starts working at Nedo
2000 Dr. Ing. T. Fischer and Dipl. Wirtschafts-Ing. F. Fischer are appointed as managing directors
2001 Nedo celebrates its 100th anniversary
2002 Nedo opens a US sales office and logistics center
2007 Nedo acquires and modernizes the neighboring industrial building, the current building 7, and expands the production area by 5.500  m2
2009 Nedo presents a new laser programme
2011 Nedo wins the Red Dot Design Award for its products PRIMUS 2 and QUASAR 6
2011 Nedo is certified as AEO-C
2014 Nedo products are used at CERN
2016 Nedo celebrates its 115th anniversary
2018 Presentation of the innovative Flexijet 3D surveying system
2019 Presentation of the new TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser
2021 Nedo celebrates celebrates its 120th anniversary