Spectra Precision LR30 Laser Receiver

Spectra Precision LR30 Laser Receiver


  • Five channels of grade information plus directional out-of-laser beam indicator directs which way to move and get back in the beam
  • Three selectable accuracies meet job tolerances from rough grading to final finishing for maximum flexibility
  • Full 360-degree reception picks up the beam from all directions
  • Adjustable, ultra-bright LED with green on-grade display provides user selectable, easy-to-see display to match ambient lighting conditions
  • Various power options to meet your requirements



Specifications LR30 / LR30W
Number of Display Channels 5-Channel Display
Centre on grade mode (grading)
Fine: 5 mm (0.20 in)
Standard: 12 mm (0.45 in)
Wide: 32 mm (1.25 in)
Offset on grade mode (excavating)
ACE—Angle Compensation Mode N/A
Blade-Tilt Accuracy N/A
Plumb-Swing Accuracy N/A
Vertical Reception 171 mm (6.75 in)
LED Battery Life
Alkaline Bright/Dim
Wireless with remote on
50 / 75 hrs
30 / 40 hrs
Ni-MH Bright/Dim
Wireless with remote on
40 / 50 hrs
20 / 30 hrs