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Innovative. The Nedo LINUS1 HV is a new, extremely
robust, fully automatic universal laser for levelling, aligning
and marking of right angles for outdoor applications and
interior finishing.


Versatile. The new, fully automatic universal laser
Nedo LINUS1 HV combines a horizontal 360° laser line
with four individually switchable vertical laser lines arranged
at 90° angles to one another. The vertical laser diodes are
configured so that the laser lines start right at the foot of
the unit.
An additional plumb beam marks the intersection of the
four vertical lines on the floor.
The new Nedo LINUS1 HV is therefore perfect not only
for levelling and aligning, but also for quick and easy marking
of right angles in outdoor applications. It is ideal for placing
formwork, building carports, terraces and garages, and
laying slabs and paving stones.

Robust. The Nedo LINUS1 HV has a robust, reliable
motor-powered self-levelling mechanism. Digital levels and
electric servomotors ensure exact alignment of the horizontal
360° laser line and the four vertical laser lines within the self-
levelling range of ±5°. The shock-resistant housing with an
aluminium cage is dust-proof and splash water protected in
accordance with IP 65, allowing it to be used in all kinds of
weather. Thanks to its rugged design and thick lining, the
Nedo LINUS1 HV can easily withstand a fall from a height
of 1 m.
Perfect for tough applications in structural and civil
engineering, gardening and landscaping, wood and
steel construction.

Well-designed. Numerous innovative ideas went into the
development of the LINUS1 HV. The housing dimensions of the
laser and ACCEPTORLine laser receiver are perfectly matched.
The distance between the vertical laser plane and the edge of
the LINUS1 HV is identical to that between the edge and zero
line of the laser receiver.
This makes it easy to check the perpendicularity of existing
walls or formwork. Dimensional deviations can be read from
the ACCEPTORLine laser receiver with millimetre accuracy.

Robust multifunctional foot with fine adjustment
The robust aluminium multifunctional foot permits exact
positioning of the LINUS1 HV over a known plumb point.
With the fine adjustment you can exactly set the vertical
laser lines of the LINUS1 HV even over long distances.
The multifunctional foot is designed so that the laser can
be positioned over tiles, allowing the vertical lines of the
LINUS1 HV to be aligned along the edges. The foot
additionally protects the laser from direct contact with
wet soil, standing water or dirt.
The multifunctional foot and fine adjustment can also
be used with a tripod.

ACCEPTORLine -laser receiver with mm display
The ACCEPTORLine digital laser receiver with a heavy-duty
aluminium rod clamp comes as standard. It allows to
perfectly detect the laser lines even under unfavourable
light conditions. The distance of the laser beam from the
zero line of the receiver is displayed in millimetres