AndroTec Metor MTR-125 mm Laser Receiver

AndroTec Metor MTR-125 mm Laser Receiver



Digital Leveling.
With Metor MTR-125.

The classic one.

Metor MTR-125 is powered by AndroTec’s patented and revolutionary X2L-Sensortechnology.


Metor MTR-125 measures the distance between the laser beam’s hitting point and the marking notch and displays the value. Thus, level differences can be easily measured.

Metor MTR-125 is accurate. Upon Power On the device automatically performs a self-calibration procedure. This guarantees constant maximum accuracy.

Metor MTR-125 is variable. The user himself can define the on-grade level.

Metor MTR-125 has memory. The device can store up to 100 readings.

Metor MTR-125 is communicative. Both, stored readings as well as actual data (realtime) can be transferred to a PC for further processing.

Metor MTR-125 is reliable, robust and absolutely waterproof. Metor works with all common rotating lasers.

Metor MTR-125 is persistent. With two AA batteries for up to 60 hours (continuous usage).

And the Best: Metor MTR-125 is not much more expensive than a good, traditional laser detector!