Rokc 4V4HG Servo Green Beam Laser

Rokc 4V4HG Servo Green Beam Laser

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The Rokc 4V4HG has Electronic Tilt-Sensor compensator ensures faster self leveling.

3D green beam lasers : 3 axis 360˚ line full function lasers.

Green Beam technology which is brighter 3 times than Red beam.

Manual slop function for you any setting-out situation.

Temperature alarm system designed for high accuracy


Level – Vertical – Plumb – Square

The ROKC 4V4HG Line Laser Green Beam is a fully automatic self-levelling multi-line GREEN BEAM Laser ideal for indoor usage and Outdoor usage with the use of a receiver. Optional Receiver is available for outdoor applications up to 70m range. 4 Vertical lines, 4 Horizontal lines for full 360° Laser line & 1 Plumb laser beam. Instant layout solution with the increased visibility of the 8 power full Green Lasers lines.


  • Electronic Tilt-Sensor compensator ensures fast self levelling
  • Green Beam technology is up to 3 times brighter than the Red beam
  • Vertical, Horizontal & Plum setting out at the same time
  • Rechargeable Hi capacity Li-battery technology to extends the working time to more than 8 hrs
  • Manual slop function for any setting-out situation.
    Sound alarm systems for you to pay attention to in any alarm situation
  • Temperature alarm system designed to keep high accuracy
  • Dust & Water resistance to IP-54