Rokc Navi Base

Rokc Navi Base

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GR-NAVI has the function of auto tracer and can accurately grasp the vertical laser beam into the middle line of receiver.

The shortest time of stepping positioning in this industry : In 5 seconds.


Compact for easy packing and operation.

When you press the GR-Navi option panel on the receiver, the line laser will automatically rotate to find out the line base and this will save much of your working time.

Remote function can make the line laser instrument rotate to any position you want, which is very convenient for only one user to work

Model No. Base : GR-NAVI
Battery AAA Battery(NIMH) x 3pcs
Working Voltage 3V~4.8V ( LED glitters when the battery power is below 3V )
Operating Temp -10℃~50℃
Auto shutdown function The power shuts off automatically if it is not operated over 10 minutes
Working Time More then 500 times
Weight 1.9kg
Model No. Receiver : GR-85GN
Receiving distance Max. 80M
Navi working distance Max. 25M
Receiving accuracy for Middle line ( distance ) ±1.0mm(1.5M~15M)~ ±1.5mm(16M~25M)
Electrical specification
Battery AAA Battery(NIMH) x 4 pcs
Working Voltage 4.4V~6.4V ( LED power glitter when the battery is below 4.4V )
Working Temp -10℃~50℃
Auto shut down the power will shut off automatically when the receiver does not receive the laser beam for more than 10 minutes.
Duration More than 60 hours