Survey Book Markrite 101

Survey Book Markrite 101



The Survey Book Markrite 101 ruled is a top opening field book, 200 x 125 mm, two ruled verticals & lines, 50 leaves.

Printed on fine quality 50% rag paper. High cotton content gives greater tear resistance and exceptional strength when wet


Survey Book Markrite 101 ruled is an essential stationary item for any surveyor or tradesperson.

The Survey Book Markrite 101 ruled is a hard cover, heavy paper field survey book which measures 200 x 125 mm. It has two ruled verticals & lines on each page. It is a convenient top opening survey book and the case-made cover can be easily folded back flat without causing any damage to the binding of the book.

It is an Australian made all weather survey book which is produced to the highest quality and specifications. It is a 50 leaf survey book which is printed on fine quality 50% cotton rag paper. The high cotton content gives this field book a much greater tear resistance and exceptional strength over the traditional wood pulp based paper that is used in regular books, even if it get’s wet. The exceptional strength and high quality of the writing surface is retained once it dries which is why it is the perfect choice for those who are subjected to adverse and harsh weather conditions.

All of the Markrite 101 Ruled Survey Book sections are sewn with a rot proof thread and is bound in an excellent PVC cover material which is not only weatherproof but is also tough and incredibly long lasting.

All of these qualities makes this survey book the ideal companion and preferred choice for surveyors, tradespeople, and any other occupation that requires you to work outdoors or in the harsh Australian environment.